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15th Street Railroad Experience

A celebration of Cheyenne’s railroad heritage


The 15th St. Railroad Experience is a multi-phase, multi-year initiative between the City of Cheyenne and Visit Cheyenne. We’ll be revitalizing a currently underutilized section of the downtown core to celebrate Cheyenne’s railroad heritage and pave the way for expanded events, commerce, and tourism. 

In line with a primary goal of the Laramie County Tourism Master Plan—to improve visitor experiences— the City of Cheyenne and Visit Cheyenne identified an opportunity to create a more extensive, in-depth railroad experience. 

Over time, the 15th Street Railroad Experience will evolve to include developments in partnership with Union Pacific, including an over-track walkway to the historic Union Pacific Railroad Roundhouse.


15th Street Railroad Experience: Phase 1
Now through Fall 2022

As part of an effort by Union Pacific to donate many of their historic cars to museums/communities across the country, some of these restored railcars will move to 15th Street in Cheyenne to become part of the 15th Street Railroad experience. 

With help from Visit Cheyenne and the Cheyenne Downtown Development Authority (DDA), the City of Cheyenne applied for (and received) a $750,000 Economic Development Administration (EDA) grant to help move and restore 3 of the railcars/engines.

Contract and Coordination

The City of Cheyenne entered into contract with Plan One Architects to produce a level one/two feasibility study. The study will look at options for: 

  • Placing and displaying the railcars
  • Traffic flow on 15th Street
  • Coordinating and synthesizing with 15th Street businesses
  • Incorporating the Greater Cheyenne Greenway 
  • Creating a strategic tourism and economic asset for downtown Cheyenne 

Railcar Relocation and Restoration

15 rail cars will be moved from the Union Pacific Railyard this fall. Of these, 8-10 will become part of the 15th Street Railroad Experience, with the remainder saved for use in other areas (such as the Reed Avenue Rail Corridor). 

Finalize Feasibility Study

A draft of the feasibility study is here! Once finalized, compilation of construction documents will begin.


Early Summer 2023

Construction for Phase 1A, the area west of the Depot between Carey Ave. and Capitol Ave., will begin. If funding allows, this phase will incorporate some leveling, utility work, and—if funding allows—asphalting, striping, and landscaping the parking lots and area west of Gunslinger Square, which is slated for further construction in Phase 1C.

Fall 2023 – Spring 2024 (tentative) 

Construction for Phase 1B, the area by Gunslinger Square, will begin. 

Late 2024 

Construction begins for Phase 1C, the parking lots/west of Gunslingers, with leveling, utility work, and (if not already completed in Phase 1A), asphalting, striping and landscaping.  

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